Codeforces习题 41A Translation

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The translation from the Berland language into the Birland language is not an easy task. Those languages are very similar: a berlandish word differs from a birlandish word with the same meaning a little: it is spelled (and pronounced) reversely. For example, a Berlandish word code corresponds to a Birlandish word edoc. However, it’s easy to make a mistake during the «translation». Vasya translated word s from Berlandish into Birlandish as t. Help him: find out if he translated the word correctly.


The first line contains word s, the second line contains word t. The words consist of lowercase Latin letters. The input data do not consist unnecessary spaces. The words are not empty and their lengths do not exceed 100 symbols.


If the word t is a word s, written reversely, print YES, otherwise print NO.


结合以上思路,可以得出一个方法就是当程序收到字符串输入后,执行一个 for 循环,将第一个字符串的第一个字母和第二个字符串的最后一个字母对比,之后是第二个字母和倒数第二个,依次类推,如果每个字母都相同,就可以得出问题的结论。


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